Vietnam police check for Taiwanese live Taiwan

Information posted below is as of April 2020

So for a full post about how to apply for Vietnamese police check as a foreigner who left Vietnam, you can read in this link.

However, the post can’t detail all the case and below I want to detail one case of a Taiwanese living in Taiwan, who need the Vietnamese police check for the purpose of immigrating to another country:

So the Vietnam Economic and Cultural office in Taipei didn’t accept to certify documents of my Client right away, they said they can’t certify non-Vietnamese documents, thus, she need to go to Taiwan official certification center to certify first, then come back to them.

However, the Taiwan certification center doesn’t accept to certify the Vietnamese version of the application form, they only certify the English version ones. I then helped her to prepare the English forms (application form and registration to receive by postal service) to bring to Taiwan certification center to certify. And photo 1 is the statement of Taiwan certification center.

Vietnam police check for Taiwanese live Taiwan

She then brought all documents back to Vietnam Economic and Cultural office. I told her to also ask Vietnam Economic and Cultural office to certify the Vietnamese forms, due to she already have the English-version forms certified by Taiwan certification center, then the Vietnamese forms should be accepted.  But they didn’t agree, they only certify documents which Taiwan certification center stamped on.

Alright, the Criminal record center in Vietnam sometimes doesn’t accept English forms, but there was nothing we could do at that time. I told her to still include the Vietnamese version of the forms in the letter, and I will call the Criminal record center, I’ll explain for them. Photo 2 is the legalization sticker which Vietnam Economic and Cultural office stick on her documents.

vietnam police check taiwanese

She then sent the documents to The National Center for Criminal record in Hanoi and I helped her to call them to explain about the situation, make the payment, and she received the Vietnamese police check on April 6th in Taiwan.

She also sent me scan of her police check so I can help her to do the translation.

vietnam police check taiwanese

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