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Vietnam police check for American living in Singapore

Applying for Vietnamese police check / police clearance as American living in Singapore

Information posted below is as of Jan 2020

For a full post about how to apply for Vietnamese police check as a foreigner who left Vietnam, you can read in this link.

However, the post can’t detail all the case and below I want to detail one case of a American living in Singapore, who need the Vietnamese police check for the purpose of having dual citizenship:

Request from Vietnam embassy

So the Vietnamese embassy in Singapore didn’t accept to certify documents of my Client right away, they said they can’t certify non-Vietnamese documents (his passport), thus, they advised him to go to American Embassy to certify first, then come back to them.

I then helped him to prepare the English forms (application form and registration to receive by postal service) to bring to American Embassy to certify. The forms must be pure English, it can’t be bilingual as they said they can’t certify Vietnamese. And in photo 1, the left side is the certification of American Embassy in Singapore.


He then brought all documents back to Vietnamese embassy. I told him to also ask Vietnamese embassy to certify the Vietnamese forms, due to he already have the English-version forms certified by American embassy, then the Vietnamese forms should be accepted, and it happened like that. In photo 1, the right side is the certification of Vietnamese Embassy in Singapore. Photo 2 is the certification statement of Vietnamese Embassy, the main content is to certify that the Applicant (my Client) had signed the forms in their witness and ask the related authority (here is the National Center for Criminal record) to process.

Legalization stamp Vietnam police check
Legalization stamp to apply for Vietnam police check
Statement of Vietnam embassy in Singapore to apply for Vietnam police check
Statement of Vietnam embassy in Singapore to apply for Vietnam police check

He then sent the documents to The National Center for Criminal record in Hanoi and I helped him to make the payment, and he received the Vietnamese police check on Jan 22 in Singapore.

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