vietnam police check application

Vietnam police check application form

Below I’ll introduce to you about Vietnam police check application form and how to fill up.

The Vietnamese form is the official form to apply, you can fill up the information in English, but you MUST fill up on the Vietnamese form to submit, the English form is for your reference, to understand the content of the form only. However, when you avail our service, we will help you to fill up the Vietnamese form. Thus, you only need to fill up this English form.

The form in English

Form no 03/2013/TT-LLTP

Independence – Freedom – Happiness


(For individual use)

                       To: National Center for Criminal Record

1. Full name (in capital letters, as in passport):

2. Other name:   N/A                         3. Gender:

4. Date of birth: (dd/mm/yyyy)

5. Place of birth[1]:

6. Nationality:                              7. Ethnicity: (no need to fill up)

8. Residential address 3: (address in your home country)

9. Temporarily address: (address in Vietnam – only for foreigner living in Vietnam)

10. Passport no:                              Issued on:                            

At (name of office/country where your passport is issued):

(for full names of parents and spouse, only initial letters are capital)

11. Full name of father:                                          Date of birth:

12. Full name of mother:                                        Date of birth::

13. Full name of spouse (if not married, just leave it blank):                             Date of birth:  

14. Phone no:                                            .Email address:


Since month/year to to month/year Residence/Temporarily residence address Job title, company’s name and address

How to fill up:


+ The English form above is shortened of the Vietnamese form, since there are some contents in the Vietnamese form you don’t need to understand

+ The form already partly explain how to fill up.

+ If you avail our service, after you fill up, we will help you to transfer to the Vietnamese form.

Other details:

+ The field “To” can be changed to “Department of Justice” if you apply at Department of Justice instead of National Center for Criminal Record.

+ For “Residential address 3: (address in your home country)”, no need to fill up your whole address if it’s too long, as it not needed. If you don’t have an address in your home country anymore, you can write address of the country you’re living at, or if that address is just temporarily, you can just write the same with your place of birth.

+ “Temporarily address” is only needed for people who are still living in Vietnam, if you left Vietnam, you no longer have an address in Vietnam.

+ “At (name of office/country where your passport is issued)”: Usually you write the info appears in your passport. However, if the info in your passport is too short and hard to understand, for example “6317”, then you can write “6317, Ukraine” so it’s easier to understand. This is if your passport is issued at 6317 office in Ukraine.

+ For “Residential history in Vietnam”: no worries if you don’t remember clearly very well all address, or if you’ve been traveling and stayed at multiple hotels/hostels. Just write the best you can remember, and actually let me know your case so I can instruct you how to write.

But you do need to write correctly what you can remember.

After filling up, the application form will look like photo below.
Please note that information filled up in the photo is entirely made up for demonstration and aren’t real information of anyone.

Vietnam police check application
Vietnam police check application

Contact us for a service to apply for Vietnam police check, include help to fill up Vietnam police check application form.

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