Vietnam police check number 2

Vietnam police check #2 Canada immigration

Vietnam police check #2 Canada immigration

You want to move to Canada to live and work due to there are opportunities there? Or you are getting married to Canadian citizen?

You need to submit police check/police clearance/criminal record from your home country and the countries you’ve lived?

You had lived in Vietnam and you need a police check from here?

According to Canadian immigration website, police check #2 is requested.

First, there are few explanations:

+ The post on Canadian immigration website ( isn’t updated. Phone number of Ministry of Justice isn’t (84) 6273921, (84) 62739324 but now it is (+84) 24 62739718 with ’24’ is area code for Hanoi. The same with phone number of National Center for Criminal Record. It is not 04.66841313 or 0432031313 but (+84) 2466841313.

However, sometimes you may have difficulties calling from outside of the country. Even when we call within Vietnam, not all the time they picked up, they may have too much phone calls, or not always have someone to receive calls.

+ When you click to “online declaration form” the website will lead you to this link: However, please note that online application currently only works within Vietnam only. You can fill up that form there but it doesn’t do anything for you. I have many Clients contacted after they filled the form online trying to apply for themselves from outside of Vietnam, but it didn’t work.

But it’s not a problem, for more thorough information about the application process, please read here, we give you a thorough instructions on our page.

It’s important to remember that you need to acquire Vietnam police check #2 (Phieu ly lich tu phap so 2), not #1. And to make it happen, you need to mark at #2 (Số 2) on the application form.

Vietnam police check

If you do it, then you could avoid the mistake of the Filipina in this post, who acquired #1 instead of #2, and it wasn’t accepted.

For more information and inquiry about services, please contact Ms. Khuyen via or Facebook page:

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