Vacuum packing service in Hanoi

You have clothes and beddings you won’t use for a while and would like to keep them fresh and clean? You want to reduce the volume of your clothes so your luggage has more space to put other things in? And vacuum packing can be a solution for you?

You travel to Hanoi and buy clothes and things from here, and you want to vacuum pack them so they can fit into your luggage?

Let’s help you on this! (We provide vacuum packing service in Hanoi)

We can come and pick up your things and have them vacuum packed then return to you. Service fee depend on quantity of your things and your location, and what type of bag we can use, how many bags needed. The lesser bags we need to use, the cheaper it is. If your things are too big, we must put into big bag.

However, price range is as follow, if you don’t need separate bags:

+ 3kgs or less, flat price of 500,000 VND.

+ 3-10 kgs: 200,000 VND/kg 

+ over 10kgs: 150,000 VND/kg

We can weigh them at our place and weigh them and send photos to you.

Time of completion: maximum within a business day, normally it takes 1-2 hours.

You pay when your things are returned.

Notes: we don’t pack hats, shoes, belts, phones, smaller bags … unless specially requested by you.
Socks shouldn’t be vacuum packed due to it doesn’t help to save much space.
Socks can be put into shoes to keep form of the shoes and still save space.

You can send photos of your things to email OR our Facebook page Local Services for Foreigners in Vietnam

and your address to inquiry for our service.

Note: you can buy vacuum bag and hand pump at Miniso at a cheap price and do the vacuum packing by yourself. Here we just offer another option. And vacuum packing by industrial machine will have better effect.

vacuum packing machine Hanoi
Vacuum packing in Hanoi

vacuum packing clothes in Hanoi
Vacuum packing clothes in Hanoi

Vacuum packing service in Hanoi
Vacuum packing service in Hanoi
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