Sofa/Mattress/Carpet/Curtain/Cushion/Pillow cleaning service

You have a dirty set of sofa in your living room and it looks/smells disgusting?
Your dog/cat just peed to your beautiful set of sofa?
You tried to clean it buy scrubbing and it doesn’t work?

Your mattress/carpet/curtain/cushion/pillow need to be washed?

Give the trouble to us! We can help you to either cleaning the sofa by hot water or bleach it (by chlorine) depending on the dirtiness level and your preference.

Cleaning method: sofa/mattress cleaning chemical (Campaign Klenco from Singapore) is pumped into the sofa/mattress to clean it, then the chemical is being pumped out.

After cleaning, the sofa will need time to dry. How long does it take depends on humidity, if humidity is low, it’s within few hours. If the humidity is too high, we would advise you to not clean your sofa on that day (to prevent mold being created)

Service fee to clean sofa/mattress is 800,000 – 1,000,000 VND depends on each sofa set/mattress and how dirty it is. Time for cleaning is around 30 minutes -2 hours depend on how dirty it is.

Even if your sofa only has some dirty spots, you think that you don’t need to clean the whole of it, but we still need to clean the whole of it because if we only clean some spots, it will be speekled/spotted/motleycoloured.

Rug cleaning service fee is 90,000 VND/m2. Rug cleaning is usually together with sofa cleaning, we may not come to just clean the rug.


+ If the weather is too humid, we would advice you to not clean your sofa, since it will take much longer to dry, and when the sofa can’t dry properly, mold will be created. Dryer can help to dry on the surface, but not deep inside. (If we clean more, we earn more money, but we want to make sure that it works well for you).

+ We need to use electricity to run our machine to clean, so please make sure there won’t be electric cut schedule in your place in the time of cleaning.

* Contact Ms. Khuyen via to inquiry/book the service

TESTIMONIAL about our service:


What awesome service I received on Saturday! I desperately needed to get my 3piece sofa set cleaned and in less than 2hours, they were as good as new! I would highly recommend to anyone!! Also very affordable.

Mar 5th, 2018

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