Police certificate Vietnam

vietnam police check

Vietnam police check for foreigners who left Vietnam

You stayed/lived in Vietnam (already left) and need a Vietnam criminal record/police clearance/police check from here?

vietnam police check

Vietnam police check for foreigners living in Vietnam

You are living in Vietnam and you need a Criminal Record/Police check certificate in Vietnam for job/residence/marriage purpose?

Why choose us?

  • We provide you clear information about process, cost, timing, and we implement what we said.
  • We provide you full solution if you need and we could: certified translation, legalization
  • We are a reliable service. Many Clients had used our service and satisfied with it. See their testimonials about us here, and their reviews on our Facebook page.
vietnam police check recommend

From August 2018 till Jan 2021, Local Services for Foreigners in Vietnam had provided Vietnam police check-related service for 151 Clients.

In which:

mostly Clients needed Vietnam criminal record for: jobs in UK, Europe, immigration to Canada,  work permit in Vietnam; job/visa/immigration to Australia; US spousal/fiance/work visa; and many other purposes.

some Clients just needed a translation service for Vietnam criminal record

some Clients need help with following up the submitted application, which weren’t responded for a long time.

In which, there were many cases which a husband helped a wife to apply or a wife helped a husband to apply (the main person communicate with me is spouse of the applicant), OR a couple applied together.

You can check testimonials from our Clients about our service here.

Instructions are also available in this video:

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