Postal fee to send Vietnam police clearance

Postal fee to send Vietnam police clearance via National Center for Criminal Record:

Beside processing fee of 200,000 VND, you need to pay a mandatory postal fee by Vietnam Post.

The mandatory postal fee is listed in the 4th attachment in this link which is “TB 09_TTLLTPQG_GIA CUOC.pdf”

Or you can see in photos below:

Postal fee to send Vietnam police clearance

Example of checking postal fee:

You can see number 8 is in front of Germany, that means area code of Germany is R8, and the postal fee to send to Germany is 1,243,000 VND.
Similarly, there is number 9 in front of Spain, that means area code of Spain is R9, and the postal fee to send to Germany is 1,633,302 VND.

Postal fees to some countries applying for Vietnam police clearance the most:

+ Singapore: R1: 832,000 VND
+ Philippines, Cambodia: R3: 878,000 VND
+ Japan: R4: 936,000 VND
+Australia, New Zealand, India: R6: 1,127,000 VND
+ Mexico: R7: 1,151,000 VND
+ UK, France, Germany: R8: 1,243,000 VND
+ Ireland: R9: 1,634,000 VND


+ In front of Vietnam, you see N/A, as the National Center for Criminal Record doesn’t accept to send the police check of a foreigner to an address within Vietnam.

+ There is not option to send by other services, such as DHL. Sending by Vietnam post is mandatory by National Center for Criminal Record.

+ Time of sending is unpredictable, Vietnam post usually says it takes a week. However, depend on location, it can take much longer. For example, sending to the Philippines can take 1 week, but sending to Australia can take 2 weeks – 1 month.

+ Postal fee need to be made together with processing fee, via bank transfer or cash (if you can ask someone to make payment in cash for you)

+ Address to receive need to be written clearly in the registration form for postal service.

For more information, read full post about applying for Vietnam police check here.

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