Mug and t-shirt printing service in Hanoi

You want to have a mug or a t-shirt printed with photo / signature / text (or all of them) as a gift/souvenir for yourself/your friend/your colleague/your loved ones?

You don’t know where to get it printed? What is the price? How long could it be available? Can it be delivered to your place?

Here we can help you with that.

Please send us photo / signature / text you want to print and we would make a mock up for you to check before printing.

For mug, there are 2 styles you can choose from:

+ plain white, C-handle

+ white with colored brim, heart-handle

For t-shirt, there are 2 styles and 7 sizes you can choose:

+ round neck, the material is worse than the other

+ collar neck, the material is better than the other. the collar may have black stripes

tshirt printing hanoi
tshirt size

All shirts are white before printing.

Price varies depend on: which style do you choose, what do you want to print, does it need to be edited, how many items, what is your address, thus, please contact us for a quote!

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