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Legalization/Authentication/Attestation in Vietnam

Legalization/Authentication/Attestation at Consular Department – Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs update:
Starting early June 2020 the declaration form for Legalization/Authentication/Attestation had changed, before, you can do the Declaration form here

But now that form is no longer accepted, and you must declare using the form here

They also don’t have print out form for filling by hand, you must fill on computer then print.
If you didn’t fill up at home, you can fill up by a computer there, then take photo of the Application number, then bring it to the photocopy shop opposite of Consular Department to print, they will collect you 10,000 VND/print. It’s a bit hard to understand what to fill up on your own, so ask a Vietnamese person to help you out.

Then you bring the printed form back, put it into the barcode reader, and your Application number will appear on the screen at the end of the room for your queue. The time of waiting depend on the queue and amount of documents submitted. I usually have waited for around an hour.

After your documents and application are accepted, they would give you a blue receipt for the time and date you can come and pick up your documents.

Other requirements are still the same for legalization, mostly just the form changed.


  1. Consular Department – Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    Address: 40 Tran Phu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Open around: 8.30 – 11am, and 2-5pm Mon-Fri
hanoi consular department

2. After fill up and print out your application form, put it into the barcode reader machine which is just right after you enter the door.

application form legalization vietnam

3. Go to the end of the room and wait there

waiting for legalization hanoi

4. Pay attention to the screen, your application number would appear there. Since there are only 9 lines on the screen, so your application number wouldn’t appear right away.

They will read the number once it’s your turn, however, if you don’t understand Vietnam, just observe be screen and go to the empty counter.

waiting list legalization vietnam

5. After your turn is done, you will be given a ‘pick up form’ in blue color and around A5 size, which you usually can come in the next 2 business days. (for example, if you come to apply on Tuesday, then you can come back on Thursday to pick up)

pick up form legalization vietnam

The legalization sticker on your document when you receive would be like this:

legalization vietnam

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If you need a service to help you with legalization of your documents? => Please contact us via email khuyen@lsfvn.com

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