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Job description: frontend developer

My name is Norbert Hirneisen (Email: nobbi@s2you.de) and my company science + communication is based in Bonn, Germany. We are developing IT solutions for picture management, biodiversity databases and citizen science projects.

We have been working with Vietnamese developers since 2016 and we are now looking for a lead developer for the frontends of our applications.

Skills (required)

  • good knowledge of basic web technologies
  • excellent knowledge of html
  • good knowledge in Vanilla Javascript
  • good knowledge of CSS
  • basic English skills to read and write documentation, tasks and comments
  • high motivation to work with agile development methods
  • disciplined and methodic working
  • good self-organizing skills
  • mastering git code sharing tools
  • high motivation to document code and functions
  • good logical and structural thinking

Skills (nice to have)

  • knowledge about web mapping and openlayers
  • basic knowledge of react native

Working style:

You are working remote in a small team of up to 5 developers. It is recommended to bring in own ideas for the realization of projects. Team spirit is important and good communication between the team members required. The job is fulltime, but with the option to self-organize the working hours within some limits.

Communication is done via Telegram messenger, video conference tools, gitlab repository and a cloud-based documentation sharing tool.

Type of projects

We are realizing web applications running on our own server farm for clients in the area of image management, biodiversity research, nature protection and citizen science. We also support a non-profit project running in Viet Nam.

For our projects and clients we also provide mobile apps based on react native.

We also support a non-profit project running in Viet Nam.

Technologies used

In the backend we are working with Oracle, PostgreSQL, mongoDB, Java with Struts and Spring framework, python and go.

The frontend is based on Java server pages, plain html, css and vanilla javascript.

We are favoring distributed services and microservices running in containers and virtual machines.

Our apps are running with Android and IOS  and are developed by using react native.

Working philosophy

We have long-term client relationships and our focus is on high quality and reliable code which will still work in 10 years. Some projects we are maintaining now for more than 20 years.
Also very important is a throughout and detailed documentation of the code and architecture.
So it is more important that our code will still work in 2025 than to have a fast and dirty solution for a programming problem.

In a nutshell: we are not sprinters but marathon runners.

So if you like to just find some libs and glue them together to solve a problem: you are wrong here.

If you have an active brain, good ideas and the firm conviction, that you can do things from scratch as good or better as some libs – then you are right.


We offer a solid payment based on efficiency, reliability and working hours with regularly raises. The starting salary depends on the skill level and is negotiable.

We are expecting that the candidate already has a functional working environment at home. After probation time we will also contribute to the costs of internet access and hardware.

Payment is done by bank transfer in VND.
Probation time is 2 months.

Type of Candidates

From a technical point of view we are looking for candidates with at least 2-3 years of experience in this field of programming.
We are open for candidates of all gender and we want to motivate women to apply for this position.

Most important for us is motivation, dedication and the ability to stay long term with us and our clients.

This is a full-time position. But we are also open for a part-time contract if the candidate has an extraordinary skill set and motivation to offer.

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