Helping Clients from the Philippines and Russia to apply for Vietnam police clearance

As an update, today I would like to tell 2 small stories/cases which LSF had helped recently.

1. We had helped D from the Philippines to apply for Vietnam police check for USA k1 visa. She applied for police check number 1. As you can see in photo 1, she was so happy after receiving the police check.

2. E is from Russia and she need Vietnam criminal record number 2 for immigration purpose in Australia.
She contacted LSF since Feb, but she didn’t use our service right away due to she found a cheaper way.

After sending the money to a person and was ignored for a month, she contacted LSF again to ask for help. She was hesitated when sending money due to she didn’t want to lose her time, money (and faith in people) again.

After LSF helped her, and she received the criminal record, she told me in the email that: “Thank you ?? for making me believe in people again”

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reliable vietnam police check service
reliable vietnam police check service

receiving police check from Vietnam

receiving Vietnam police check

Check our full post here about the process to apply for police check when you already left Vietnam.

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