Helping Client from abroad to buy coffee beans in Ho Chi Minh city

Example of work: Help Client from abroad to buy coffee beans in Vietnam

T traveled in Vietnam last year, and she bought some roasted coffee beans at Thi Nghe market in Ho Chi Minh city . She was impressed with the coffee and wanted to buy some more coffee and try other sorts of coffee as well. However, she didn’t remember which shop was that, nor she knew their names and contact info.

She contacted us to inquiry for our service to help her to come there, gather information and buy the coffee beans, then send to her place in Europe. She also asked us to buy some coffee filters from a near by supermarket. She provided us some info such as price when she bought as well as when did it happen.

Upon we agreed on a service fee and I informed her other fees such as DHL service fee to send to her place, I sent my part-time assistant in Ho Chi Minh city to go to Thi Nghe market to check and buy.

We sent her photos and information such as sorts of coffee, retail price and wholesale price. We also asked for business cards from the shops, took photos of those and sent to her. There were 4 shops instead of 2 shops as T remembered.

After receiving the information, T told us her decision about which shop to buy from, which sort of coffee to buy and the quantity. My assistant went to buy those. She stick a note on each coffee bag for the name of the coffee and which shop sold that. She also went to supermarket T advised to buy coffee filters, however, that supermarket ran out of coffee filters a couple of days ago and didn’t know when would they have supply again. So we found for T a manufacturer and bought directly from them with a better price.

My assistant then packed everything together to send via DHL. She tried to make the smallest volume possible so the volume wouldn’t affect the service fee. The parcel was accepted at DHL Ho Chi Minh city on Aug 18, and arrived at T’s place on Aug 23.

Please note that to send coffee by postal service, you may need an import license. T had a license to import coffee, however she didn’t need to use it, due to the weight we sent was smaller than 20kg, and to T’s country (based on information from DHL).

Posted under Client’s permission.

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