Helping a Client to relocate from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city Aug 2018

G relocated from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city for work. He wanted to move his personal items, include: furniture, household items, books and clothes, and 2 sport bicycles to HCMC. He contacted us on Aug 2nd to inquiry about this.

I’ve sent him an Excel file as the form for information we needed, and asked him to fill up. He needed to provide addresses, list of things, together with their dimensions, estimated weight, and their value in VND.

From that I sent him a quote for our door-to-door service. Some items were charged by item, and others (like boxes or suitcases) were charged by weight. G had two lamps which we advised him that it’s safer for him to try to sell them in Hanoi, rather than sending them, which he accepted. The quote was temporarily, since we only can send an exact quote after we brought his things back to the warehouse and have them weighed there. At that time we could inform him exact weight, which he agreed.

G also bought cardboard boxes and bubble wrap from us to pack his things. By the end he had 12 cardboard boxes weighed total of 195kg.

In the evening of Aug 17th, our truck came to pick up his things. Since the truck only can enter the city after 9pm (those trucks which can enter city in daytime, need to apply for a permit), it arrived at his place at 9.30pm, and his things were loaded then.

The truck brought his things to our warehouse at Thanh Tri district before sending to HCMC, and it arrived in HCMC 8.50am Aug 21.

Since G was looking for a place to rent and didn’t move in yet, his things were stored in our warehouse till delivered to him in the evening of Aug 23 at Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC.

Posted under Client’s permission.

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