Local Services for Foreigners in Vietnam

Frontend developer test

Challenge 1: General programming

Log file real time analysis and alert


The operating system used on the server is centOS 7. You only have a command line interface – no GUI.

A log file is located in /var/log/tomcat. Name of the file is “platform.log”


Please describe the workflow, draw a workflow diagram and then write a program or script in the language of your choice to check this log file every 5 minutes. for the words “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError”. If you find this word in a row then send an alert to a telegram channel named “ServerCheck”.

The alert should contain the timestamp of the log entry and the full line.

Please describe how to config everything and write all necessary scripts and programs. Also explain your choice of tools and languages.

Extra challenge for smart candidates:

A. How to make path and filename of the log file configurable in a config file including the time span between checks.

B. How to send also an alert by email ?

[Example log file is sent on request]

Challenge 2: vanilla javascript

Create a html page showing a map of Vietnam with province boundaries in blue.


Plain html, css, javascript, open street map data (OSM) and Openlayers javascript library are the tools to be used. The using of jquery is NOT allowed. If using other libraries or tools then this is to be explained.


Create a html page with all necessary external files so I can run it locally in my browser or put it in one of our servers. The page should show an interactive map of Viet Nam with the country and province boundaries. When clicking on a province this province should then be colored in red with 70% opacity (transparency).


Explain your code in simple words in a document and add a workflow diagram or other graphics to explain the information flow and methods/classes/fuctions..

Please note down the time you need for each task!

Test results and questions are sent to Mr. Norbert Hirneisen, email: nobbi@s2you.de

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