Frequently asked question about Vietnam police clearance certificate

After years of helping Clients to acquire Vietnam police clearance certificate, as well as certified translation and legalization, here are the most frequent asked questions we’ve received:

1) How can I trust your service to send the money to you?

As you inquiry or avail our service, you are usually requested to send full payment, though there are situations that we can make exception. Some Clients usually ask us: “How can I make sure that I will get my documents after I make the payment? What guarantee do you have?”
Though we can’t let you make payment after the documents are available, because we have expenses that we need to pay, and whatever happens, like you don’t need the documents anymore, we can’t reuse your documents for anyone else.

However, you can check reviews about us from previous Clients on our Google location and Facebook:

We also have hundreds of other Clients who don’t leave reviews but thank us in emails and messages. We hope that it’s enough to reassure you.

2) How long does Vietnam police check valid for?

There is no expiration date on Vietnam police check. The expiration date really depends on the authority/company where you submit the police check to. Some authority, such as Australian, Canadian immigration, requires the issuance date on the police check isn’t later than 01 year than the day you submit the police check. Some others don’t require it. So it depends on the authority you submit the document to, and not on Vietnamese authority.

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