Don’t receive your police check – Vietnam when apply by yourself?

Don’t receive your police check – Vietnam when apply by yourself?

You lived in Vietnam and need a police check from Vietnam for your job/immigration purpose?
You read about the process and understood it well? You tried to apply by yourself?
You certified your documents at Vietnam embassy, you sent them to Criminal record center in Vietnam, you sent the payment to their bank account?

You had done everything you needed to do. Things should be fine. Then you waited.
4-5 weeks passed by and you didn’t receive it nor had heard anything about it. They didn’t contact you about the status of your application?You tried to email them but didn’t receive their reply? You tried to call them but the call didn’t get through?

You wonder why, what happened, what had you done wrong? And what now? The time of submitting the police check is coming close and you still don’t have it to submit?

You are not alone.

I’ve received emails/messages from at least 10 people have been to the same situation like you.

Here are some of them:

1. “Dear Khuyen
I hope you can help.
I resided in Vietnam and worked for the … between 2013 and 2016. I am now back in the UK. I have applied for a Police Check with the MOJ, I also paid the required fees, but now unable to get a response from them.
Is there anything that you can do to help to speed up or get me to obtain my police checks please Khuyen?
I look forward to hearing from you.”

2. “Hi Tuong,
I hope you are well.
I need some help with my Police Clearance Certificate application.
I posted my application some time ago and on the 16/06 it was received at the NCCR – I know this because I sent it by tracked delivery. I haven’t heard anything from the NCCR and the deadline set by my university is fast approaching. I have a month to provide the certificate.”

Don't receive your police check Vietnam when apply by yourself

3. “Hello,
I submitted my police check application and paid the fee 6 weeks ago, but I have not received the check yet. Please can you help me confirm everything is ok and when I will receive it? “

4. This case is the most extreme.

Jess and Jose in Canada didn’t receive their Vietnam police checks after over a year till they contacted us.
Jess contacted me on Mar 2nd, 2020 to ask for help/service to track an application was sent over a year ago to The National Center for Criminal Record in Hanoi, and arrived to the Center on Jan 31, 2019.

don't receive police check vietnam

I didn’t know if it was possible to follow up for a case like that, because it has been a long time and the documents might be lost or misplaced somewhere.

Jess told me that the Vietnam Embassy told them that the Center would contact them after receiving their applications, which never happened.

5 months after the application arrived, they asked Vietnam Embassy again and the Embassy just said it takes a long time. Thus, they didn’t look for help to follow up till March.

Not only J&J needed help with follow up with application and make payment, they also changed their address, which made their address to receive in the registration for postal service is no longer correct.

I’ve helped them to not only follow up with the application, make payment, but also tell the Center about their new address to receive, as well as follow up with them when the police checks are available to remind them.

Jess and Jose were still lucky, many others had missed the opportunity due to didn’t have enough time to re-apply, some used our service to follow up with their application, and some re-apply by our service.

What really happened? And why?

While I can’t answer your questions as I’m not the authority, I can give you some insights and information based on my experiences:

1. If you make payment by bank transfer, you need someone to help you to call them to ‘match’ the payment with the application.That person need to be able to say on which day your application arrives, and which day your payment is made, then approximately which day the payment is arrived into their account. If not, they won’t be able to verify quickly which payment belong to which application, and your application process may take forever.

2. There is possibility that you thought you made enough payment, but it wasn’t. Specially if you do bank-to-bank transfer, your bank charges you a fee to send, and you think that’s all. However, when the amount arrives in their bank in Vietnam, their bank also charges them an amount to receive, which make your payment not enough. Thus, you need help from someone to call them to verify if the payment is enough, and make additional payment if needed.

There are some more cases, but these two are the most basic.

Generally speaking, if you have lots of time to risk to do it yourself, then do it yourself. If you don’t, use a service of ask help from a Vietnamese friend to help you.

For those who already applied by yourself and don’t receive it, contact us and we’ll check if we can help (have enough time left to help)

To verify about us, read our Clients’ testimonials here, or on our Facebook page.

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