Local Services for foreigners in Vietnam

You live in Vietnam and have some works need to be done but you donu2019t have time or donu2019t know where/who/how?

Youu2019re not in Vietnam to check and find the things you want?

You need help from Vietnamese people but you feel guilty to ask help from your Vietnamese friend(s) from time to time? You want someone dedicate to help and professional anyway?

You want to look for something but the information isnu2019t always available online?

People on online forums donu2019t always answer you? You also donu2019t always want to show your request to everyone to see?

You wonder if there is a service can help you with that without cost you a leg and an arm?

Welcome to Local Services for foreigners in Vietnam!

We offer to help you with redundant work. Our service fee depends on type of work, time, location, urgency level u2026 but wonu2019t cost you a fortune.

* Our service includes but not limited to:

+ Arrange moving service: move your stuff from old place to new place.

Check more here: http://lsfvn.com/services/moving-service-in-hanoi/

+ Moving luggage/motorbike from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city and vice versa: http://lsfvn.com/services/courier-relocation-service-in-vietnam/+ Mold cleaning service: https://lsfvietnam.wordpress.com/2018/03/26/mold-cleaning-service-in-hanoi/

+ Sofa/Couch/Carpet/Rug/Curtain/Cushion/Pillow cleaning service: http://lsfvn.com/services/sofa-mattress-carpet-curtain-cushion-pillow-cleaning-service/

+ Flower delivery service, gift sending service.

+ Applying for Criminal Record/Police check: http://lsfvn.com/services/vietnam-criminal-record-application/

Payment method: Paypal/bank transfer/cash (if we would meet in person).

* How to proceed?

+ Send us your inquiry via email khuyen@lsfvn.com or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lsfvietnam/ (or both). Please indicate clearly:

– What you want to be done.

– Your location/exact address.

– Time you want it to be done.

– Pictures, if any. Example: if you want to move thing(s), please take picture of your thing(s) and send us. If you want to find something you donu2019t have yet, please send a similar picture you can find on internet.

– Your phone number/whatsapp (for faster communication)

+ We will reply you with: we can help or accept to help you or not. If we can process your request, we will send you our quotation, time consuming, who will help you on this, requested deposit (if any) and other details.

* Note:

+ We work from Sunday to Friday and off on Saturday.

+ We are open to any legal request, no matter how big/small/odd/weird it is.

If anything remains unclear, ask us via email khuyen@lsfvn.com or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lsfvietnam/

If you donu2019t use Facebook, check about us at http://lsfvn.com/

* Our performance: LSF was founded on Nov 8, 2017. Up to Jan 9th, 2019, we have receivedu00a0400 requests and inquiries, have done 184 of them and served more than 160 Clients: moving their stuff to their new house/room; making wooden box for photography; buying bosu ball, dehumidifier, air purifier, air fryer, coffee dripping machine, cloth diaper liners, inflatable mat, duvet & pillow, table & chair, mattress; connect 9 videos to one 1-minute video and put music; finding driver to help bring them to work daily; deliver Christmas cake & hats; buying rubik; sending flower & gift to girlfriend; find dry shampoo, moisturizer in Da Nang; buying film vouchers; buying used SYM Attila Elizabeth (motorbike) for 10 million or less; sofa/rug/carpet/curtain cleaning; renting buffet trays to keep food warm for a party; buying chefu2019s jacket and roasting tray; fixing Keurig coffee machine (120V) u2026

Thank for reading,

LSF Vietnam

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