Vietnam police check

You need a police check Vietnam for work permit?

You need Vietnam police check number 2 for visa/immigration to USA/Canada?

You are searching for criminal record for foreigner in Vietnam?

You have been trying to contact National centre for criminal records of Vietnam?

You are applying for Vietnam police clearance for Australia?

You’ve been trying to contact Vietnamese embassy but they don’t provide this document?

Contact us:

Vietnam police check for foreigners who left Vietnam

You stayed/lived in Vietnam (already left) and need a Vietnam criminal record/police clearance/police check from here?

vietnam police check no 1

Vietnam police check for foreigners living in Vietnam

You are living in Vietnam and you need a Criminal Record/Police check certificate in Vietnam for job/residence/marriage purpose?

Why choose us?

  • We provide you clear information about process, cost, timing, and we implement what we said.
  • We provide you full solution if you need and we could: certified translation, legalization …
  • We are a reliable service. Many Clients had used our service and satisfied with it. See Google reviews about us here, and their reviews on our Facebook page.

From August 2018 up to date, Local Services for Foreigners in Vietnam had provided Vietnam police check-related service for few hundred Clients.

In which:

mostly Clients needed Vietnam criminal record for: jobs in UK, Europe, immigration to Canada,  work permit in Vietnam; job/visa/immigration to Australia; US spousal/fiance/work visa; and many other purposes.

some Clients just needed a translation service for Vietnam criminal record

some Clients need help with following up the submitted application, which weren’t responded for a long time.

In which, there were many cases which a husband helped a wife to apply or a wife helped a husband to apply (the main person communicate with me is spouse of the applicant), OR a couple applied together.

We’ve received so many good reviews from Clients, here is one of them:

filipino receive vietnam police check
Good evening kabayan 😊
Last year I just posted a post here trying to find some help on how to get a police clearance from vn without going back. And I’m so thankful for those kabayan who answered my queries kahit pa nawalan na ako ng pag asa kasi some says I need to go back in vn personally to process it. We are on a tight budget that time because we’re on the process of getting my fiancee visa for US (K1). And going back to vn will cost us a lot of money that’s why I decided not to get one and hoping that US consul will not ask for it. After waiting for 7months our case was approved 😊 Getting ready for my medical and interview date to US embassy was scheduled. I was so nervous that time but thankfully US consul are so nice 😍 Everything was so smooth until she ask me if I travel abroad and I said yes. And ask me again if how long and I told her almost 6years ☹️ And then she ask me my police clearance from vn and I told her I don’t have one and explain everything to her that it’s hard to get one ☹️ Then she give me my 221g form it means I need to submit my PC from vn so that they can issue my visa. I was so worried and upset until I saw a video on YouTube and read all the description in how to get PC without going back to vn. I immediately email the owner name miss khuyen and message her on facebook and after a few minutes she responded on my query and told her my situation that I need a PC from vn. Shes so very nice ,very accommodating , and the cost is reasonable. After waiting for a couple of days I got my police clearance through DHL this morning 😍😍😍 and sent it back to US embassy and just waiting for my Visa to be issued 😍😍😍
Sa mga kabayan natin diyan na my situation na kagaya ko, please don’t lose hope always pray. He will always find a way. Please do contact Miss khuyen of Local Service for Foreigners. Do search them on Facebook. I will highly recommend their service if you need more assistance regarding your police clearance or other services.Thank you for reading 😊 Godbless everyone. And take care 😍

Contact us via email for inquiry!

Special cases to apply for Vietnam police check which we have resolved:


1) Many Clients inquired us if they still can apply for Vietnam police check if they left Vietnam a long time ago.
The answer is yes, as long as your documents are valid.
We’ve just helped a Russian couple who worked in Vietnam in the 1980s (at that time they were Soviet Union staffs) to acquire Vietnam police clearance for immigration purpose to Canada.
Please send us a message if you have similar inquiry!
2) Apply for New Zealand visa, which Vietnam police check do you need?
According to NZ government’s website, you need Vietnam police check number 2.

Applying Vietnam police check for US green card/ US visa:

We have helped a lot of Clients to acquire Vietnam police check to apply for US green card, US visa
And which police check do you need?
Well, if you go to US government’s website through this link.
then click on “Police, court, prison records”
you will see “currently reside in Vietnam” need Vietnam police check number 2
while “formerly resided in Vietnam and no longer reside in Vietnam” need Vietnam police check number 1
So, if you are still living in Vietnam, and apply for US visa or green card, then you need to acquire Vietnam police clearance number 2, if you already left Vietnam, then you need to acquire Vietnam police check number 1.

Getting Vietnam police check for Spanish visa.

Do you need a Vietnam police check for a job or student visa in Spain? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us!
We can help you to:
+ acquire Vietnam police check
+ have it certified translated to Spanish
+ have both documents (police check + translation) legalized/authenticated via Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs
+ have both documents legalized/authenticated via Spanish Embassy.
+ Scan the documents and email to you.
+ Mail to your address and give you tracking number.

Costs will be clearly quoted in advance and there is no confusion.
Screenshot is email from a Client who contacted us first time on July 15 and on Sep 19, he emailed us saying that he’s currently in Spain starting his new job.

Please contact us via Messenger or email for any inquiry!

Thank you!

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