Moving service in Hanoi

You need to move to a new room/house/apartment and have luggage/furniture/things need to move?

You don’t have a vehicle to move?

Some stuff are also too heavy/bulky for you to carry alone?

Let’s help you on this!

We will carry the packed stuff, put onto our vehicle and bring to your new place. We will carry them to your room/apartment for you. We also can arrange for you to sit on the moving vehicle and move with us if you would like to. Sitting on tuk tuk may not comfortable, but at least you don’t have to pay extra to book grab/uber/taxi and you and the stuff can come to the new place at the same time, and it’s very convenient.

* How to proceed?

Send us an email/message with:

+ Pictures of all stuff you want to move. We have right to charge you higher than what agreed OR refuse to move stuff not in pictures.

+ your current address and new address. Please state clearly which floor are you in at both places and each place has elevator or not!

+ do you need help with packing? Do you need to buy our bags/boxes or not?

+ do you want to sit on the tuk tuk and move with us or not? If not, how do you commute there? Grab/taxi or drive your motorbike along? This will help us to inform our moving people. Sometime they may drive faster or slower than you.

+ what time of what day do you want to start?

+ your phone number.

+ other requests.

We will get back to you: we are available to help you or not, if not, how can we adjust time. If yes, we will send you a quotation.

* Our price depends on:

+ Distance: between your old and new house, and if you live at a too far away place, also depend on distance from our place to your place.

+ Stuff to carry: quantity and how bulky/heavy they are. For example: if you have a mattress which is not foldable, we will need two people to carry, instead of one, so the price will be higher.

+ Having elevator or not: if we have to carry your stuff to the fifth floor of a house without elevator, it will be different with carry by elevator.

+ Time of moving: the traffic might not affect much the price. Here is an example: you move into Royal city (Hanoi), and Royal city doesn’t allow moving stuff via lobby/ground in the day time, and if you want to move in the day time, we need to hire extra vehicle to move via basement, and we will count this into the price.

* Notes:

+ We are no longer accepting small moves of one to few items. If you purchase a furniture stuff, or just need to move 1-2 items from one place to another, it’s better to contact another mover. If you moving but you don’t have furniture, only boxes and luggage/suitcases, you should book taxi/Grab, then ask the driver to help you to carry and offer to pay him extra.

+ The earlier you send us request about moving (and accept our offer), the better it is. Our moving people have work regularly and last minute-request is usually risky. (I think you know it, this is just a reminder).

+ If you live in a building which are strict about moving stuff in-out, please make sure you have permit to bring the stuff in-out before we come to help you to move.

+ Our moving people don’t speak English. I am not on site with the move, I will help to communicate via phone only. When the moving people arrive, they will call me and I will call you. Please come out to meet them!

+ Some addresses in Hanoi can be very confusing. If your address is hard to find, please help us to describe it the best.

+ Due to traffic is unpredictable, we only can promise to be at your old place in a range of time, for example: 9-9.30, not a specific time.

+ Normally the people who carry your stuff from your apartment to outside will come first, after they’re done with carrying, they will call the tuk tuk/truck to come.

+ Our moving people work on weekend, however, they’re off on holiday. In case you really need to move on holiday, and if we can accommodate it, surcharge will be applied.

+ If it rains hard, we would need to reschedule the move, due to it would affect safety of our moving people and your things.

Moving service in Hanoi is one part of Local Services for Foreigners in Vietnam:

* Our performance: From Nov 9, 2017 up to Aug 14, 2018, we have helped 30 Clients to move 33 trips successfully (within Hanoi)

Below is short video about the work we had done:

Example of work: moving house for C on Aug 29, 2018.

TESTIMONIAL from JESSICA ROBINSON for our moving service:

Absolutely fantastic! Moving was easy and stress free. Helpful friendly staff who worked hard and quickly. They brought extra packing materials to ensure my items were secure and safe and they were very careful with everything. Would recommend them to anyone, makes moving so simple.

April 11, 2018



(Posted under Client’s permission)