Gift/Flower delivery service in Vietnam

Gift/Flowers delivery service in Vietnam

You want to send flowers to your loved ones, like your girlfriend/spouse/parent/friend/co-worker? The flowers just help you to say that you care about that person but you don’t speak Vietnamese good enough to make an order and express what you want?

Local Services for Foreigners in Vietnam can help you on this.

Send us a message with:

+ Name, address, phone number of the person you want to send the flowers to and time frame you want them to be sent. We won’t call that person since we know you want it as a surprise, but in case we can’t find her/him from the address, we have something to contact.

+ What is kind of flower do you want? Color, quantity, style of packing?

+ Do you want to include chocolate/gift?

+ Do you want to have a mug printed? Either a photo or a message (for example: World’s best boss)

+ What’s the message you want to write on the card?

We, of course will get back to you with a quotation. If you agree with the offer we then can set up a payment method.

We have helped at least 10 Clients to send flowers and gifts to their girlfriends, boyfriends, colleagues, friends. You can see below samples of some gifts and flowers we’ve sent:

Gift/Flower delivery service in Vietnam
Lotus flowers to send to someone’s boss for have been so helpful
Gift/flower delivery service in Vietnam
A candy & chocolate bouquet to send to a special friend
rubik as gift
birthday card

Flower delivery in Hanoi
flower bouquet
mug printing as gift
sunflower bouquet
pink rose bouquet
120 red roses bouquet
home flowers

Local Services for Foreigners in Vietnam

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