Courier, relocation service in Vietnam

Shipping luggage & motorbike within Vietnam
Courier, relocation service in Vietnam

You move to another city of Vietnam to live and you have some luggage you want to send separately with your flight? You will travel then fly directly to the city you would live and don’t want to bring your luggage with you in your travel? You have a motorbike you want to send to a city?

You’re traveling in Vietnam and have some luggage you don’t want to bring with you all the way?

Let us help you on this!

We will arrange the most suitable door-to-door moving service depend on what and where do you want to move to (based on our experiences). We will inform you about total service fee and what are the requirements for the stuff to be sending.

Here are requirements and information:

1) For sending luggage:

+ Do not send valuable items in the luggage (of course, everything you send are valuable for you, but do not send something too pricey)

+ Sending electronic devices (phone, tablet, laptop) are subjected to send by air, not by land, which will be charged higher.

+ Sending batteries are subjected to send by land, not by air, which will be slower. Any electronic device with battery in it, need to remove the battery and send each item separately.

+ Do not send drug, illegal item (they will open your luggage to check and will not accept to send anyway)

+ You need to pack your things well. With breakable items: ceramic, glass, it’s best to pack them separately in foam box(es). With machine, like: dehumidifier, air purifier, you need to put them in their foam boxes or cover them by bubble wrap. We also can provide packing service if you request.

+ You need to provide information about weight, dimensions and total worth of your luggage (and of course, addresses). And you need to list names of things in your luggage.

2) For sending motorbike:

+ You need to provide key, photocopy of the blue card and photocopy of your passport. The documents will help to present to the police if they would stop the truck on the way and ask. Moving people will give the photocopies and key of your motorbike to recipient.

+ Due to safety reason (avoid fire and exploding), after receiving the motorbike, we will empty the gasoline tank and after receiving, you have to refill it on your own expenses.

+ We will use robe/string to tie your motorbike into the truck, so packing by you isn’t necessary.

+ Sending motorbike (door-to-door) is more costly than sending luggage with the same weight, since motorbike is required different treatment and space. If you send motorbike without door-to-door service (bring to the office and pick up at the office), it can help you to save around 600,000 VND.

3) Note:

+ It’s best if you provide address of recipient who can have someone to receive 24/7 (yourself with your housemate or a security guy).

+ For door-to-door service which we would need to use a truck to load your things, please note that truck is only allowed to commute in Hanoi city in weekend or evenings of weekdays.

+ You need to send the payment before sending.

4) How to proceed: Send us an email to Ms. Khuyen at [email protected] OR our Facebook:

then we will get back to you with an excel file with the information we need from you, then from the information you provided, we will send you a quote.

5) Service fee:

+ Depend on to what extend do you need: door-to-door or office-to-office.
+ Depend on weight and volume. Volume = height (cm) * length (cm) * width (cm)/4000, if the result is higher than actual weight, the fee will be calculated based on volume.
+ Some items like electronic equipment need to be priced based on item, not based on weight or volume.
+ For motorbike, depend on weight and volume.


Example of work 1:

M contacted me on Jan 17th, 2018. She got a job in HCMC and she need to send her things from Hanoi to HCMC. At first, she asked me if I can arrange someone to send her things to the train station, since she wanted to send via train and would be away for one month, then go to Ho Chi Minh city directly from her vacation.

I asked her if she would like a door-to-door service. And she said that she contacted some other moving services, they quoted around 10 million VND for a door-to-door service for 60-70kg luggage, I was able to send her an offer lower than 200 USD.

The package was picked up on Monday Mar 12th at 10.15am and arrived to M’s house in Ho Chi Minh around 3pm Friday Mar 16th (much faster than I expected). M checked things inside and told me that everything is in great condition.


Example of work 2:

The Honda cub 50cc is the first motorbike was sent from Ho Chi Minh city to Hanoi by the support of LSF. J drove his motorbike to Nga Tu Ga bus station, District 12, Ho Chi Minh city in the afternoon of Mar 30th, 2018. The motorbike arrived to Hanoi in the morning of Apr 2nd, 2018. Since trucks aren’t allowed to transport in daytime of weekdays in the inner part of the city, the moving people only can send the motorbike to me by truck in the evening and it arrived to my place 11.20pm that day. (I help J to keep his motorbike for a while till he comes back to Hanoi).

Example of work 3:

A traveled in Vietnam. She rode a motorbike from the South to the North and she wanted to travel light. She sent us an inquiry on Apr 11th about our service and quotation of our service to send one of her luggage from her hotel in Ho Chi Minh city to her hostel in Hanoi, so her luggage can arrive ahead of her.

I have my assistant met A in her hotel in HCMC in the evening of Apr 13th. My assistant checked and received her luggage, received the payment, gave A a receipt then left. I asked my assistant to wrap A’s iPad by bubble wrap and then her whole luggage by bubble wrap and send it to A’s hostel in Hanoi. Since iPad is considered an expensive item, we must send by air and not by land, that is why the luggage arrived very fast, within one day only.

I’ve spoke with the receptionist of the hotel about the luggage, getting her name, giving her full name of A, A’s booking reference number on, to make sure they would give the luggage to right person.


Example of work 4:

R contacted us since Mar 15th to inquiry about sending his 125cc YAMAHA motorbike from Hanoi to HCMC, which I sent him a quotation. On Mar 29th, he said he also want to send some personal belongings, due to he was relocating for work. He sent photos and info (weight, dimensions and total worth of value) of his belongings on Apr 12th, I then sent him a quotation.

Apr 15th, 2018, we went to his place to load his things into the truck. I came first with a staff to survey the place and move his things from his apartment to the main road. His apartment was in a narrow alley, not accessible by truck, around 300m away from the main road. So my staff moved the things by motorbike to the main road, while I was staying at the main road to look after the things while waiting for the truck. The truck came 10am that day. We loaded the things to the truck, received payment from R and gave him a receipt.

The next day, my moving people weighed his items in their office and informed me that it’s heavier 26kg than he estimated, so we asked him for an additional payment, which he agreed.

His motorbike and 8 boxes of belongings had arrived to the recipient in Ho Chi Minh city on Apr 23rd, 2018.

R later on also sent one additional box which arrived on Apr 27th (after 6 days).

(To give you an idea about price, R paid us total of 7,750,000 VND to send a motorbike and 122kg belongings)


Example of work 5:

Posted under Client’s permission.

TESTIMONIAL for our service from DANE MCFARLAND:

What a great service!

I actually used them to move my belongings from Hanoi to HCMC. Which included moving a Yamaha TW225 motorbike. Ms. Khuyen, the owner of this service was at all times in communication with me about the status of the move. Also, their prices for the move to HCMC were less than other companies to move just within the city.

My items arrived at a destination in HCMC on time, without me even having to be present to receive them.

Ms. Khuyen is incredibly detail oriented and cares that all manners of this transaction proceed as pain-free as possible.

The cost was remarkably lower than other moving companies who charged more for moving the things within the city.

I highly recommend her services! I wish that I had this service down in HCMC.

All the best to you Khuyen!

May 5th, 2018


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