You’re searching for a place to produce your products and Vietnam comes to your mind? You don’t know much about this country, production/manufacturing here and don’t speak the language? You don’t know where exactly you can gather information?

Not many information are available on internet (in English) and you wonder what hidden and you couldn’t see? You want to have an overview picture of manufacturers of your product/industry, where are they located, what are their experiences, if they can produce your products and what’re their prices?

You want to find manufacturer(s) who are reliable and you can work with long term, but at first, you want to check as many options as possible. It’s great to have local people to support you for some senses of direction?

Welcome to Local Services for Foreigners Vietnam! Here we help you to have an overview picture of production in Vietnam, we can help you to find a list of manufacturers who produce your products and fit your requirements. We have people in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city (as well as other places) who can help you to do factory visit, help with translation, arrange transportation and communicate with the factory as well as do inspection. We also can support with logistic and such.

Here are some examples of the work we had done:

+ Visiting a bag manufacturer in Vietnam

+ Bag/Backpack manufacturing in Vietnam

+ Tent manufacturing in Vietnam

+ Helping a Client from abroad to buy coffee beans in Vietnam