Vietnam Criminal Record/police check/police clearance application for foreigners living in Vietnam


Criminal Record/Police check application for foreigners who are living in Vietnam

You are living in Vietnam and you need a Criminal Record/Police check certificate in Vietnam for job/residence/marriage purpose?

Below I want to share about the process to apply for this document.

* Documents need to prepare:

+ Your passport and its photocopy.
+ Temporarily residence certificate OR residence card and its photocopy.
(Note: residence card is only accepted in Hanoi, if you live in Ho Chi Minh city or other places, even if you have residence card, you still need to submit temporarily residence certificate)
+ Application form (need to be filled up).

Then you need to bring all of them to Department of Justice of the city/province where you live. You should expect to pay a fee of 200,000 VND and waiting for around 20 days (in Hanoi).
At Department of Justice Hanoi, you can register to receive the result via postal service, and postal service fee is only 15,000 – 20,000 VND.

Their business hours are:

Mon – Fri: 8.30-11am, 1.30-4.30pm

Saturday, morning only: 8.30-11 am

You should be there before they close at least 30 minutes.


Note: Photocopies need not to be certified, you need to give them the originals to check, then they will keep the photocopies, but they won’t keep your original documents.

* What is temporarily residence certificate?

It’s a paper/document which the local police office certifies your residence status. You need to fill up it, have it printed then sign and write your name. Then give it to your landlord to go to local police office to certify for you. The form must be in Vietnamese and the information must be filled up in Vietnamese.

You should expect to pay a fee for this, your landlord should tell you about a fee.

Photos of temporarily residence certificate:

Then after your application
and payment are accepted at Department of Justice, they should issue you a
statement as photo 2. This states the date they receive your application, and
the date the result is available at their office. If you register for postal
service, it should take 1-2 days more for the result to be sent to your

Our service:
+ We will help you to fill up the forms in Vietnamese, you can have it printed
out and signed and write your name.
+ We will help you to fill up the online declaration so it will make it faster
and easier when you go to Department of Justice.
+ The police check will be in Vietnamese, so if you want to have it certified
translated to English, you also can let us know!

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