Moving house for C on Aug 29, 2018

This is the 2nd time C moved with us, but this time it didn’t go as smoothly as the first time. The recent rain in Hanoi made it more difficult for people, include us. When it rains hard, we usually can’t do the move due to it affects to safety of our people as well as things of Client. We need lots of communication about it. In term of profit-wise, we only earn the money after the move is done, so we don’t want to cancel any move because if affects our profit, but we also need to ensure safety.


At first we set the moving time at 1.30 – 2pm of Aug 29. However due to we worried it would rain hard later, we rescheduled to 11-11.30am. Normally we don’t set that time for a move of this size (a full truck and long distance) due to it would extend over lunch time, so our moving people can’t have lunch and rest before afternoon shift. But due to the rain, this is an exception.


Our moving people brought a trolley with them, but they didn’t need to use the trolley, due to everything was on 1st floor and the truck can enter the alley. They cover things by plastic cover. When they were about to cover the wooden shelves, C told them they don’t need to cover those. However, we explained for him that the rain water may enter the shelves and destroy it, so C let us cover.


The truck arrived at 12.40pm and the loading happen then. The move is done at Ngoc Thuy, Long Bien at around 2.30pm.


Posted under Client’s permission.


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