Tent manufacturing in Vietnam

  1. I) Background story: A Client from Netherlands contacted me on Feb 8th, 2018 to ask help contacting tent manufacturing in Vietnam.


The Client is an expert in mining, oil & gas industry and he frequently need to stay overnight on the field because of his work. And he need to live in tent(s). However the tents he had experienced weren’t good enough for his needs. He knew that they can be improved, so he got the business idea why doesn’t he just make tents for himself and also selling. He asked professional people around him and they said it’s a good idea. People mostly pointed him to go to Vietnam, they said there are good manufacturers there who know what are they doing.


He was given 3 company names to contact, but he was able to contact only 1 of them, the two others he only had company names. The one he had contacted is actually a backpack manufacturer, not a tent manufacturer but they were willing to talk. At that time he had booked his flight to arrive on Feb 24 and leave on Mar 9th.


The Client mostly wanted to learn about tent manufacturing here and make some samples to test in some field trips in near future, then he will decide about ordering. He didn’t 100% decide on sizes, design and materials so he wanted to order several samples with difference to test.


Until we were able to get to know each other and the work he wanted to be done, as well as agreed on a payment for my service, it was already Feb 13th. Due to lunar new year holiday, all offices and businesses are off starting Feb 15th until Feb 21st, and in the last days before the holiday, they were also not very into business. So it was much difficult to get to talk to them and much longer to wait for their respond. Some only responded or able to contact after the holiday. Some said they will reply then never replied. Even some of them (who replied me) extended their holiday to Feb 25th, so I was only able to contact them again by then.


  1. II) Tent manufacturers in Vietnam:


I contacted 10 manufacturers in Vietnam, in which 2 of them are the names which the Client got from his contact (Mountech Co Ltd and Tai Viet)


1) Mountech Co Ltd:


They don’t have official website. Started operation on Apr 1st 1993. Business license issued Nov 12, 1998. The company is 100% German-owned and to make order/inquiry, Client need to contact mother company in Germany.


2) Tai Viet Camping Products Industries Co Ltd:


The factory in Vietnam is only for producing, they aren’t in charge of accommodating inquiries. To inquiry about producing, Clients should contact Mr. James – Taiwan office via phone number 00886 …. 0080, extension 54.


3) TL company: (website hidden)


Address: District 12, Ho Chi Minh city. Contact person: Mr. Hau

The company had been in the business since 1996. They mostly produced to sell to retail stores. So they don’t promote a lot on their website, because if they do that the retail stores – their Clients may lose their share.


He said many stores say on their websites that they have factory, but they actually don’t have and just buy from TL company.


He said their MOQ is 50 (on phone, without seeing photo of the product yet)


They don’t produce for exportation. They can produce but the Client need to take care of exportation.


4) Windtrip tent: website hidden


Address: District 3, Ho Chi Minh city.

They are having difficulty to find supplies for materials to produce, so they can’t accept order.


5) Viet Tent: website hidden


Office&warehouse: Bình Tân district. Factory: Go Vap district, Ho Chi Minh city


They don’t update their website, when I called them they gave me another email address with the one on their website. I also emailed them but they didn’t reply me yet.


They also have store in Hanoi and already produced similar product with the one Client wants to produce. They also don’t produce for exportation. They can produce but the Client need to take care of exportation.


6) Hoang Tan tent: website hidden

Address: District 1.

They said they haven’t done this style of frame before, so they can’t accept to help.


7) Guangxi Zepu: www.gxzepu.com


This is a Chinese-owned company, they don’t have factory in Vietnam, only office.

I’ve spoke with a Chinese guy who can speak Vietnamese very well.

His phone number is 0166 758 4030.

Office in Ho Chi Minh city: Ho Chi Minh city.


He said their MOQ is 1000 units.


8) www.leudulichgiare.com: Their website offer lots of tents, however, when I called them, they said they are no longer in this business.


9) Viet Idea company at Ninh Binh city (in the North): website hidden


MOQ: 30 (saying via phone without seeing photo of the product)


Their website for me is the most professional one which offering manufacturing. Other company’s websites which I can find are mostly to offer retail, but this company’s website offer manufacturing very well.


10) Vina Delta: website hidden

They mostly produce to sell (retail) with big quantity.

They can produce with any MOQ, but the smaller quantity, the more expensive it is.


III) Meeting and ordering samples:


I was able to set up 2 meetings for the Client: with TL company at 9am Feb 27th, and with Viet Tent at 2pm Feb 27th.


At each company, the Client was able to discuss and learn more about tent manufacturing, visiting the factory/production line, taking pictures and ordering samples. Here are some bullet points about ordering samples:


+ 2 samples at each manufacturer, make 50% deposit, time to complete: 7-10 days. The materials only cost less than 45% price of the sample, however it takes lots of time to make it the first time. One manufacturer said when the Client make the official order with their MOQ, they will refund the amount to make samples.


+ Frame by aluminum or fiber glass. Frame step 25 cm.


+ How many doors, bags, hooks and where to place them, how big are they, what are their materials.


+ Tent floor by water-proof cloth.


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