Helping Clients from the Philippines and Russia to apply for Vietnam police clearance

As an update, today I would like to tell 2 small stories/cases which LSF had helped recently.

1. We had helped D from the Philippines to apply for Vietnam police check for USA k1 visa. She applied for police check number 1. As you can see in photo 1, she was so happy after receiving the police check.

2. E is from Russia and she need Vietnam criminal record number 2 for immigration purpose in Australia.
She contacted LSF since Feb, but she didn’t use our service right away due to she found a cheaper way.

After sending the money to a person and was ignored for a month, she contacted LSF again to ask for help. She was hesitated when sending money due to she didn’t want to lose her time, money (and faith in people) again.

After LSF helped her, and she received the criminal record, she told me in the email that: “Thank you 🙏🏼 for making me believe in people again”

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Help N and her boyfriend to send luggages from Saigon to Hanoi

Travel season comes and some travellers sometime need to send and store their luggages.

N contacted LSF on Jun 3 to inquiry for a service to send the luggages of herself and her bf from Saigon to Hanoi and store for few days till they arrive.

Our people came and picked up their luggages at 9.30pm Jun 4 at their hotel, and sent their luggages to Hanoi.

In Hanoi, we received their luggage on Jun 11th, and on Jun 17th, they came and picked up their luggage. She told me that our service had made their travel way easier.

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Vietnam Criminal Record/police check/police clearance application for foreigners living in Vietnam

Criminal Record/Police check application for foreigners who are living in Vietnam

You are living in Vietnam and you need a Criminal Record/Police check certificate in Vietnam for job/residence/marriage purpose?

Below I want to share about the process to apply for this document.

* Documents need to prepare:

+ Your passport and its photocopy.
+ Temporarily residence certificate OR residence card and its photocopy.
(Note: residence card is only accepted in Hanoi, if you live in Ho Chi Minh city or other places, even if you have residence card, you still need to submit temporarily residence certificate)
+ Application form (need to be filled up).

Then you need to bring all of them to Department of Justice of the city/province where you live. You should expect to pay a fee of 200,000 VND and waiting for around 20 days (in Hanoi).
At Department of Justice Hanoi, you can register to receive the result via postal service, and postal service fee is only 15,000 – 20,000 VND.

Their business hours are:

Mon – Fri: 8.30-11am, 1.30-4.30pm

Saturday, morning only: 8.30-11 am

You should be there before they close at least 30 minutes.


Note: Photocopies need not to be certified, you need to give them the originals to check, then they will keep the photocopies, but they won’t keep your original documents.

* What is temporarily residence certificate?

It’s a paper/document which the local police office certifies your residence status. You need to fill up it, have it printed then sign and write your name. Then give it to your landlord to go to local police office to certify for you. The form must be in Vietnamese and the information must be filled up in Vietnamese.

You should expect to pay a fee for this, your landlord should tell you about a fee.

Photos of temporarily residence certificate:

Then after your application and payment are accepted at Department of Justice, they should issue you a statement as photo 2. This states the date they receive your application, and the date the result is available at their office. If you register for postal service, it should take 1-2 days more for the result to be sent to your address.

Our service:
+ We will help you to fill up the forms in Vietnamese, you can have it printed out and signed and write your name.
+ We will help you to fill up the online declaration so it will make it faster and easier when you go to Department of Justice.
+ The police check will be in Vietnamese, so if you want to have it certified translated to English, you also can let us know!

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Vietnam Criminal Record/police check/police clearance application for foreigners who left Vietnam

You stayed/lived in Vietnam (already left Vietnam) and need a criminal record/police check/police clearance from here?

You wonder about where and how you can apply for it?

You don’t want to fly back to Vietnam just to apply for this document?

You don’t know exactly about the requirements?

You don’t know where to get the form and you don’t understand Vietnamese to fill up it?

Below are some information:

1) Which one to apply:

There are 2 kinds of Criminal Record in Vietnam: no 1 and no 2.

*No 1 is for:

+ individuals who want to use Criminal Record for personal/professional purpose: apply for a new job, apply for college/university, apply for marriage certificate abroad, apply for residence abroad …

+ political organizations who want to verify about someone for the purpose of employment or promotion.

No 1 only states/includes unspent convictions and doesn’t state/include spent convictions.

You can apply for no 1 by yourself or authorize someone to apply for you.

*No 2 is for:

+ individuals who just want to know their criminal record which is stored in government database (not to apply for job or any other purpose)

+ proceeding-conducting agencies (courts, procuracies) for the purpose of investigating a case/lawsuit.

No 2 states both spent and unspent convictions.

This means you usually only need to apply for Criminal Record no 1.

Because most of you need Criminal Record for job/education/marriage purpose.

If any organization request you to submit Criminal Record no 2, it’s against Vietnam law.

However, there are still organizations request for the Criminal Record no 2, for example for visa/immigration interview. In that case, you may still need to fulfill their request for your sake.

You only can apply for no 2 by yourself, you can’t authorize someone to apply for you.

2) Where and How to apply:

You need to apply at/via The National Center for Criminal Record.

There are 2 ways:

+ Via postal service and online: via

Applicable for both no 1 and no 2.

Note that though you can make payment by bank transfer, it would take them very long to verify (at least a month). They’re having hundreds of applications from abroad which they are still unable to verify (the payment). Even if someone in Vietnam help to do bank transfer in Vietnam, it’s the same, paying in cash will make it faster. So after you send your documents to them via postal service, you should have someone call them to ask if the application is accepted, and if yes, that person can come and make payment in cash for you.

+ Authorize someone in Hanoi to come to The National Center for Criminal Record to help you to apply in person.

Address: 6th floor, Building A, No.9 Tran Vi Street, Mai Dich Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. This is inside campus of Vietnam’s Judicial Academy.

Only applicable for no 1.

3) Application for Criminal Record no 1:

* Note:

+ You need to certify all your documents at Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate. If your country doesn’t have Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate, go to a neighboring country has. They don’t accept certification from any elsewhere.

+ All forms need to be filled by Vietnamese in Vietnamese form.

* If apply directly by yourself (postal service + online):

+ An application form for criminal record certificates (Form No. 03/2013/TT-LLTP)

+ A certified copy of applicant’s valid passport or ID card

+ A certified copy of your temporary residence card.

In case there is no temporary residence card, you can submit: certified copy of passport with entries and exits relevant to Vietnam and Vietnam visas.

+ Registration for receiving criminal record certificates through postal service (Form No. 01/2014/LLTP).

* If authorize someone to apply for you:

– An application form for criminal record certificates – (Form No.04/2013/TT-LLTP) (This is filled and signed by the person who apply for you, that person will declare for you. Of course you need to provide him/her your information).

– A certified copy of applicant’s valid passport and ID card and ID card or passport of the authorized person.

+ A certified copy of your temporary residence card.

In case there is no temporary residence card, you can submit: certified copy of passport with entries and exits relevant to Vietnam and Vietnam visas.

– A certified authorization letter on implementing all procedures for criminal record certificates.

4) Application for Criminal Record no 2:

Same with application for Criminal Record no 1, with only 2 differences:

+ You can’t authorize someone else to apply for you.

+ You need to certify your signature on application form at Embassy as well.

5) Time and fee:

Officially it takes 3 weeks and 200,000 VND processing fee to receive the Criminal Record, though sometime the date on the Criminal Record is just 1 week from the day you apply. After they receive your application and payment, they should issue you/the authorized person a letter stating the date you should expect to receive the Criminal Record. (see photo for reference).

Note: The Criminal Record you would receive is in Vietnamese, you would need to have it translated to English and certified.

6) Postal fee to send your Criminal Record:

6.1. If you apply by yourself (postal service + online), the mandatory postal fee is listed in the 4th attachment in this link:

which is “TB 09_TTLLTPQG_GIA CUOC.pdf“

6.2. If you authorize someone to apply for you, he/she can either send for you by DHL or Vietnam Post:

+ By DHL: around 1,464,000 VND for Canada and Ireland; 1,760,000 VND for South Africa. Receive in 2-3 business days. You can check the price on their website.

+ By Vietnam Post: around 830,000 VND for Canada and Ireland; 383,000 VND for the Philippines. Receive in 5-6 business days though it can be longer.

Price on their website is not correct (when I called they said they didn’t update their website).

So if you don’t need to send urgent and want to save the cost, you can select to send by Vietnam Post.

7) Other notes:

+ If you had left Vietnam, but don’t live at your home country, and live abroad, it’s most likely that the Vietnamese embassy at the country you’re living in don’t accept to certify for you directly. You need to come to embassy or your home country to certify first, then come to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country you’re currently living at to certify, then finally come to Vietnamese embassy to certify. For example, if you are British living in Japan, you need to come to British embassy to certify first, then go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to certify, then finally go to Vietnamese embassy to certify. There is exception that they would certify for passport holder from a 3rd country, but not all the times.

+ If you and your partner/spouse/friend/brother/sister want to apply for the Police check together and would send the application and receive the result from/at the same address, and you wonder if you can send the application together and receive the result together to save the postal fee, here is the answer:

The National Center for Criminal Record need to treat each application individually, that means you should send the application separately and receive the result separately. They may accept you to send the applications together, but they must send the results to you separately.

Unless you only need the no.1 and you authorize someone to apply for it, then that person can receive for you, and send the results in the same envelope for you, otherwise you can’t receive the results together.

+ If you have old and new passports, and the old passport contain all Vietnam visas, exit and entry stamps, you need to certify both passports. However on application, you will put info of the new passport.

+ If you had lost your passport with all Vietnam visas, exit and entry stamps on it, you would be able to apply for Criminal Record if you come to Hanoi in person, and within 7 days from your day of arrival, you need to come to the Center to apply.

+ Question and answer about online registration:

I’ve asked by many people if they can apply online via:, and here are my answers:

=> For foreigners who left Vietnam:

No, it doesn’t work for you.


Because the National Center for Criminal Records in Vietnam still require actual documents of application anyway. And it need to be sent by mail to them, they don’t accept scan only. So you still need to go through the usual process of certificate your documents at nearest Vietnamese embassy, then send by mail to the Center.

=> For foreigners living in Vietnam:

It works, but it’s not convenient.


Because Department of Justice also requires actual documents. You can register for a postal service to come to your place and pick up the documents. However, they must be original or certified copies documents (means red-stamped on them). And whatever are sent to them, they would keep them there, they won’t return them to you. So, of course, you don’t want to give them your passport to keep forever.

You can send them the certified copies instead. However, to go and make certified copies, it’s faster if you just go directly to office of Department of Justice to apply for your police check.

We offer a service to help you to process for this, if you would like to inquiry about the service => Send us an email to or a message to


Photos of criminal record/police check/police clearance and translation:

Watch our video here:


Embroidery in Vietnam

I was introduced to a Client in America via a connection on Feb 2nd, 2019. The Client was coming to Vietnam to learn about embroidery industry to make orders and was looking for a translator.

I helped the Client to do research before the trip, contacting the factories/embroiderers to make appointment in advance, arranging car service, as well as translating in the visit.

The Client wants to find people who are good enough to deal with complex designs, because all the designs will be custom. The design will be printed on paper with specs of what colors and all other details, then will be shipped to Vietnam. The Client wanted to learn in the trip about time frame, pricing, how payments and shipment are made.

We’ve learned a lot about embroidery in Vietnam, and following are some info:

+ Quat Dong is the most famous village in Vietnam in term of embroidery, however, it’s not the only one. There are other embroidery villages such as: Minh Lang at Thai Binh province, Van Lam at Ninh Binh province, Thanh Ha at Ha Nam province, Bao Loc province as well as other factories throughout the country.

+ Not everything the media/newspaper wrote about is correct.
The embroidery village is not located at Quat Dong commune but Thang Loi commune. They’re just next to each other. (Commune is bigger than village and contain village as administration units in Vietnam).

The reason Quat Dong is mentioned more is: the person who brought the embroidery job/industry to the community there was born in Quat Dong.
He also passed away at Quat Dong and buried at Quat Dong, so Quat Dong is known for embroidery because of that person. But embroidery is developed more at the commune next to Quat Dong, that is Thang Loi.

Also, at Quat Dong/Thang Loi nowadays, very few manufacturing facilities left for hand embroidery. Machinery embroidery is more popular. People at the Minh Lang village at Vu Thu district, Thai Binh province probably have better skills and diversity skills on different kinds of products, but they are less known about. Quat Dong/Thang Loi is better about marketing and Minh Lang is not.

+ I got info of around 15 embroidery services in the researching time, around half of them aren’t in Hanoi which is hard to visit. One of them from Minh Lang embroidery village was very enthusiastic and commuted to Hanoi to meet us (they brought samples of their products). We then visited 6 embroidery services at Thang Loi in person, we also visited Van Phuc silk village so the Client can understand more about silk.

+ Most embroidery services using silk or cotton as thread. Some of them using coma thread (on Japanese kimonos). With silk thread/fabric, many of them don’t buy from Van Phuc silk village, but from Lam Dong province or Ho Chi Minh city.

+ Machinery embroidery is much cheaper and faster than hand embroidery, and of course, less beautiful. Machinery embroidery requires only one layer, while hand embroidery requires several layers.

+ Pricing and timing of embroidery depends on:
– complexity of design
– fabric to embroider on (the harder it is to put the needle through, or the easier it is to break/make visible hole)
– thread to embroider on (the thinner it is, the longer it takes)

All embroidery services require a deposit of 50 – 70% before starting productions.

+ Currently, embroidery production in Vietnam are on:
– Ao Dai – Vietnamese national costume garment (mostly for Vietnam market)
– Hand embroidery painting (even hand embroidery portrait)
– Japanese kimono and Korean hanbok
– Bedsheet, pillowcase, blanket cover
– Souvenir products

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A visit to biogas project supported by SNV

Sustainable development is a global challenge. According to The Conversation (, there isn’t any country in the world meet the requirements of sustainable development. Vietnam, however, surprisingly, is the country closest to the requirements. (Whoever we had shared this information with couldn’t believe it).

This draws attention of NRC Handelsblad – a Dutch newspaper. Coming to Hanoi to attend the World Economic Forum, Anne carried an additional assignment from the newspaper. It’s to find a reliable story about this in Vietnam.

Anne asked my help on this and translation in the visit, and we’ve both checked and contacted various resources and channels. In which, we’ve selected two stories to visit/interview. However, in following content, I’ll only share about our visit to Vietnam Biogas Programme by SNV:

We were so fortunate to receive great support from SNV. They helped us to:

  • select and identify best/nearest place to visit

  • process the permit with Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and local police office at the area we would visit (Gia Lam district)

  • arrange the visit for us for free

In this visit, we received direct supports from:

  • Mr. Bastiaan Teune – Energy Sector Leader at SNV Vietnam

  • Ms. Ha Nguyen – Renewable Energy Consultant at SNV Vietnam

  • Mr. Duc Le – Leader at Biogas Project Vietnam

Accompanied us in the visit in the afternoon of Sep 13, 2018, there were Bastiaan and Ha. They invited us to visit their office and gave us a brief demonstration about the project. We then continued our conversation in the car to the project site. And Bastiaan was so open and willing to answer any question we had. When I asked him about what are their biggest challenges in biogas project, his answers were: 1) the biggest challenge is the meat price decreased, this made the farmers not much profitable and made them less interested in building a biogas tank; 2) training the older farmers to use their app for biogas project on smart phone – but this one is more fixable.

They also invited Mr. Tan – the chief mason who had done a lot of biogas tank construction projects supported by SNV. Mr. Tam drove his motorbike for a distance of 55km from his place at Soc Son district to the place we visited: Co Giang village, Le Chi commune, Gia Lam district.

We visited 4 families here: 3 already have biogas tanks and 1 is about to build it.

The 1st family has two mother pigs and two cows. They are among the first ones have the biogas tank installed in this village 3 years ago. How did they hear about it? At that time the speaker system of the village announced about the “Biogas Program for the Animal Husbandry Sector in Vietnam”, in which each family would be funded 1 million VND and a gas stove after the construction is finished and tested if they would join the program. The total investment to build a 18m3 biogas tank was 20 million VND. It means his family still need to pay for 19 million VND remaining. Though for a farmer’s family it was a big amount, they still invested for it. And then for them, it was well worth it.

C, the head of the family said: “Before the biogas tank was built, it took us lots of time for cooking. We had to collect the wood and burning them to cook. They were corn plant or anything we could find on the field. After having the biogas tank, we didn’t have to spend time for it anymore. We just need to open the stove to use the gas. The gas is enough for us to cook for whole day. It’s clean, save us money and effort”.

At the 2nd family, we met K. Her husband passed away 9 years ago, leaving her raising 2 children on her own. That was the reason she couldn’t afford to build the biogas tank earlier. It was built on Oct 2017, together with other facilities such as kitchen and pigsty. As the person in charge of the Women’s Union of the village, she is the one usually come to other families to campaign about building biogas tank, but it didn’t make sense when she herself hadn’t done it. The biogas tank had solved for her 2 major problems. Before she trashed the pig shit to the trench along the road of the village, it was both consuming her time and affected to cleanliness of the village, and people complained about it. It also took her lots of time for cooking, she usually cooked by burning rice husks. To cook a pot of food for the pigs, she need to come back from time to time to check and putting more rice husks. Having the biogas tank, she doesn’t have to trash the pig shit anymore, and when cook the food for the pigs, she just need to come back to check after 30 minutes, unlike before.

The 3rd family is the one who about to build the biogas tank. Q – head of the family, was convinced by the Farmer’s Union about benefits of having biogas tank, as well as seeing example of his neighbor – K, he had decided they would construct the biogas tank in the next couple of days.

At the 4th location, we met a farmer at the age of 27. The farm he is taking care of belong to his parents, who live at a different house. He stays at the farm whole day to take care of a garden planting fruits, 50 pigs and more than 100 chickens. It was a fascinating experience when we stepped into the garden to check the outlet of the biogas tank, we were immediately welcomed by 100 chickens. H – the farmer – showed us a small signboard stating that this construction was done by construction workers who were certificated by “Biogas Program for the Animal Husbandry Sector in Vietnam”.

Vietnam currently has around 4 million households raising pigs, 2.5 million households raising cows. However, there are total of only around 500,000 households have biogas tank installed, it is still a long way to go. We wish that there will be more and more effort and investment in installing biogas tank to reduce emission of carbon dioxide and protect the environment.

Moving house for C on Aug 29, 2018

This is the 2nd time C moved with us, but this time it didn’t go as smoothly as the first time. The recent rain in Hanoi made it more difficult for people, include us. When it rains hard, we usually can’t do the move due to it affects to safety of our people as well as things of Client. We need lots of communication about it. In term of profit-wise, we only earn the money after the move is done, so we don’t want to cancel any move because if affects our profit, but we also need to ensure safety.


At first we set the moving time at 1.30 – 2pm of Aug 29. However due to we worried it would rain hard later, we rescheduled to 11-11.30am. Normally we don’t set that time for a move of this size (a full truck and long distance) due to it would extend over lunch time, so our moving people can’t have lunch and rest before afternoon shift. But due to the rain, this is an exception.


Our moving people brought a trolley with them, but they didn’t need to use the trolley, due to everything was on 1st floor and the truck can enter the alley. They cover things by plastic cover. When they were about to cover the wooden shelves, C told them they don’t need to cover those. However, we explained for him that the rain water may enter the shelves and destroy it, so C let us cover.


The truck arrived at 12.40pm and the loading happen then. The move is done at Ngoc Thuy, Long Bien at around 2.30pm.


Posted under Client’s permission.


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Tent manufacturing in Vietnam

  1. I) Background story: A Client from Netherlands contacted me on Feb 8th, 2018 to ask help contacting tent manufacturing in Vietnam.


The Client is an expert in mining, oil & gas industry and he frequently need to stay overnight on the field because of his work. And he need to live in tent(s). However the tents he had experienced weren’t good enough for his needs. He knew that they can be improved, so he got the business idea why doesn’t he just make tents for himself and also selling. He asked professional people around him and they said it’s a good idea. People mostly pointed him to go to Vietnam, they said there are good manufacturers there who know what are they doing.


He was given 3 company names to contact, but he was able to contact only 1 of them, the two others he only had company names. The one he had contacted is actually a backpack manufacturer, not a tent manufacturer but they were willing to talk. At that time he had booked his flight to arrive on Feb 24 and leave on Mar 9th.


The Client mostly wanted to learn about tent manufacturing here and make some samples to test in some field trips in near future, then he will decide about ordering. He didn’t 100% decide on sizes, design and materials so he wanted to order several samples with difference to test.


Until we were able to get to know each other and the work he wanted to be done, as well as agreed on a payment for my service, it was already Feb 13th. Due to lunar new year holiday, all offices and businesses are off starting Feb 15th until Feb 21st, and in the last days before the holiday, they were also not very into business. So it was much difficult to get to talk to them and much longer to wait for their respond. Some only responded or able to contact after the holiday. Some said they will reply then never replied. Even some of them (who replied me) extended their holiday to Feb 25th, so I was only able to contact them again by then.


  1. II) Tent manufacturers in Vietnam:


I contacted 10 manufacturers in Vietnam, in which 2 of them are the names which the Client got from his contact (Mountech Co Ltd and Tai Viet)


1) Mountech Co Ltd:


They don’t have official website. Started operation on Apr 1st 1993. Business license issued Nov 12, 1998. The company is 100% German-owned and to make order/inquiry, Client need to contact mother company in Germany.


2) Tai Viet Camping Products Industries Co Ltd:


The factory in Vietnam is only for producing, they aren’t in charge of accommodating inquiries. To inquiry about producing, Clients should contact Mr. James – Taiwan office via phone number 00886 …. 0080, extension 54.


3) TL company: (website hidden)


Address: District 12, Ho Chi Minh city. Contact person: Mr. Hau

The company had been in the business since 1996. They mostly produced to sell to retail stores. So they don’t promote a lot on their website, because if they do that the retail stores – their Clients may lose their share.


He said many stores say on their websites that they have factory, but they actually don’t have and just buy from TL company.


He said their MOQ is 50 (on phone, without seeing photo of the product yet)


They don’t produce for exportation. They can produce but the Client need to take care of exportation.


4) Windtrip tent: website hidden


Address: District 3, Ho Chi Minh city.

They are having difficulty to find supplies for materials to produce, so they can’t accept order.


5) Viet Tent: website hidden


Office&warehouse: Bình Tân district. Factory: Go Vap district, Ho Chi Minh city


They don’t update their website, when I called them they gave me another email address with the one on their website. I also emailed them but they didn’t reply me yet.


They also have store in Hanoi and already produced similar product with the one Client wants to produce. They also don’t produce for exportation. They can produce but the Client need to take care of exportation.


6) Hoang Tan tent: website hidden

Address: District 1.

They said they haven’t done this style of frame before, so they can’t accept to help.


7) Guangxi Zepu:


This is a Chinese-owned company, they don’t have factory in Vietnam, only office.

I’ve spoke with a Chinese guy who can speak Vietnamese very well.

His phone number is 0166 758 4030.

Office in Ho Chi Minh city: Ho Chi Minh city.


He said their MOQ is 1000 units.


8) Their website offer lots of tents, however, when I called them, they said they are no longer in this business.


9) Viet Idea company at Ninh Binh city (in the North): website hidden


MOQ: 30 (saying via phone without seeing photo of the product)


Their website for me is the most professional one which offering manufacturing. Other company’s websites which I can find are mostly to offer retail, but this company’s website offer manufacturing very well.


10) Vina Delta: website hidden

They mostly produce to sell (retail) with big quantity.

They can produce with any MOQ, but the smaller quantity, the more expensive it is.


III) Meeting and ordering samples:


I was able to set up 2 meetings for the Client: with TL company at 9am Feb 27th, and with Viet Tent at 2pm Feb 27th.


At each company, the Client was able to discuss and learn more about tent manufacturing, visiting the factory/production line, taking pictures and ordering samples. Here are some bullet points about ordering samples:


+ 2 samples at each manufacturer, make 50% deposit, time to complete: 7-10 days. The materials only cost less than 45% price of the sample, however it takes lots of time to make it the first time. One manufacturer said when the Client make the official order with their MOQ, they will refund the amount to make samples.


+ Frame by aluminum or fiber glass. Frame step 25 cm.


+ How many doors, bags, hooks and where to place them, how big are they, what are their materials.


+ Tent floor by water-proof cloth.


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